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ps3, probs 8+9 - blood type c what were the alleles on each...

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Problem 8. A human pedigree (below) shows people affected with the rare nail-patella syndrome (misshapen nails and kneecaps) and gives the ABO blood group genotype of each person. Both the disease locus and the blood type locus are autosomal. ABO genotypes: i/i = O type blood i/i B or i B /i B = B type blood i/i A or i A /i A = A type blood i A /i B = AB blood type a) Is the nail-patella syndrome a dominant or recessive phenotype? b) Is there evidence of linkage between the nail-patella gene and the gene for ABO
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Unformatted text preview: blood type? c) what were the alleles on each of the chromosomes of the grandparents? d) which descendants appear to be recombinants? Problem 9 . The frequency of individuals in a population with two different alleles at a DNA marker is called the marker’s heterozygosity. Why would a microsatellite DNA marker with 9 known alleles and a heterozygosity of 0.79 be more likely to be useful for mapping than a nearby microsatellite with 3 alleles and a heterozygosity of 0.2?...
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