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LS4 Problem Set 3, 2010 Positional Cloning, RFLPs, microsatellites Corresponding Lectures: November 12, 15, 17 Corresponding Reading: Hartwell et al., 391-419 Corresponding Quizzes: Nov 15-19, along with population genetics; Maybe also one or two questions on the last quiz If you want to try additional problems, try these from the book: Chapter 11: 2-5, 21 Problem 1. Approximately 12% of the population carries a recessive mutant allele at the BC gene responsible for bladder control. A couple is seeking genetic counsel because they are both carriers of the BC mutation. They already had one child that had terrible bladder control problems, and would like to find out if their unborn fetus will be stricken with the same dreadful curse. A microsatellite marker exists within an intron of the BC gene (so it’s basically 100% linked to the gene). DNA samples were taken from
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Unformatted text preview: the parents, their child with the fitful bladder, and their unborn. The samples are tested by PCR and gel electrophoresis and the following results are obtained. Microsatellite allele A is 300bp, allele B is 200bp, allele C is 150bp, and allele D is 50bp. Genotype the family (which alleles does each individual have) Mom: Dad: First Child: Fetus: What is the probability that the unborn child will have trouble with bladder control? If this child grows up, gets married, and has a child, what is the probability that their child will have trouble with bladder control? If they have one child that has trouble with bladder control, what is the probability that they will have another child with bladder control problems?...
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