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Problem 14. A recessive mutation in the pointy-ear gene causes Vulcans to have round, human-like ears. However, extensive genotypic analysis has shown that the mutant phenotype is only 50% penetrant. In a population of 1,000 Vulcans, 20 have round ears. A) Under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium assumptions, determine the frequencies of both the wild-type and mutant alleles. B) The Vulcans send the 20 round-eared individuals to Earth to infiltrate the American government. If the 980 remaining Vulcans mate randomly, how many round-eared
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Unformatted text preview: individuals will there be in the next generation of 1,000 Vulcan offspring? C) A deadly ear-ache pandemic sweeps through the Vulcan’s planet. However, heterozygosity at the pointy-eared locus confers resistance to the disease, allowing only those individuals to survive and reproduce (homozygotes for either allele die). Determine the proportion of pointy-eared individuals in the first generation of offspring from the survivors....
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