The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth

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numbers of temporary residents (census, 2000) -144mil residing away from official registration - temporary migrants/floating pop -vast majority have rural household reg who live in cities/urban areas -some had rural registration and moved into their city/township within that area -moving where there were highest need for migrant workers (Guandon) -another area getting a lot of migrant is area around Shanghai (in 3 provinces, including Shanghai) -in these micro theory material will be on exam 70 waterman street- office hours on Tuesday, 9-5 What was rural:urban wage ratio before 1978? 1:3 this is not special to china, at least a 2:1 difference is very common in many parts of the world 3:1 or higher in chian in 60s-70s is a little bit surprising and at least partyly due to chians capital intensive provisions provided to urban areas much higher level of services in city than country, people will migrate into city. didnt happen in china. why? → it wa sa matter of law ienforcement, they didnt allow people to
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