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Unformatted text preview: 1/31/12 Convection in the Earth Composite idea of forces of plate tectonics: Push Pull Drag Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Earthquakes End of Lecture 12-01-24 1 1/31/12 Earthquakes B i en of o fZ ne Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Cascade Mountains linear volcanic chain Continent-Continent Collision U.S. Northwest Mt. St. Helens Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 India - Asia Collision mountains, earthquakes 2 1/31/12 Exotic Terranes Fig. 3-33, p. 73 Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Where are earthquakes located? AT PLATE BOUNDARIES. Where are volcanoes located? Is there a pattern? AT PLATE BOUNDARIES. http://geosci.sfsu.edu/courses/geol103/labs/seafloor/images/Plate.boundaries.gif 3 1/31/12 Plates and Plate Boundaries Hawaiian Islands age of volcanic rock http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2000/ofr-00-0365/Fig2.gif http://himalayanacademy.com/taka/past/2009/July/July_02_2009/es0810_p2_hawaii_ages_d.jpg Fig. 3-31, p. 72 Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 Ridge Offsets Fracture Zones 4 1/31/12 Earthquakes tell the story Transform Fault Observations of earthquakes around fracture zones: Earthquakes result from differences of relative motion. Trujillo and Thurman, 2010 San Andreas Fault System California Transform Faults necessary for spreading on a sphere Garrison, 2008 5 1/31/12 Consilience unity of knowledge; confluence of knowledge and understanding Origin and Characteristics of Ocean Basins Observations, measurements Processes Causes - effects 6 1/31/12 7 1/31/12 8 ...
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