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2nd Response - Ed Tell Angela(Anqi Liu Sec 002 20415897#2...

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Ed Tell Sec. 002 Angela (Anqi) Liu 20415897 #2 Response: Perception of Others (Reading 5) Socially constructed difference refers to the manmade distinction of people basic to various traits, such as ethnics, gender, and physical conditions (45). As the construction process is heavily affected by predetermined assumption and stereotyping of the general public, so has born the “privileged group”-- people who benefit because the socially accepted positive view towards the group they belong to (46). In some sense, I have experienced the pleasure of being one of the privileged. China born and China bred, I acknowledge the fact that my culture regards students who receive flying marks to be more capable than others who do not in all aspects of life. After humbly admitting that I have been reasonably accomplished in all subjects, I was naturally labeled as one from the “good class” and people-- usually parents and teachers-- started to talk to me differently, treat me equally as adults, ask me for advice and take my words seriously. On the contrary, I have witnessed how my head teacher,
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