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Ed Tell Sec. 002 Angela (Anqi) Liu 20415897 #3 Response: Purpose and Responsibility Try as we may to reveal ourselves as much as possible when bonding with people, we are no longer free to disregard the context in which the communication is taking place, because a close and positive relationship is such that delicate choice of both chatting topics and means of interacting is needed. If you want a satisfying relationship with a certain someone, you have to take into account not only his cultural preferences but also his personal inclinations (71). Eastern cultures, for instance, generally accept obscure gestures rather than bold openings, as opposed to Westerns. Therefore it would be unwise to approach a Chinese with whom you think you have an issue and say, ‘Hey dude, you wanna talk about this (problem)?’ On the individual level, when you talk on and on about yourself, you might as well pay closer attention to your listeners and look for signs of interest or indifference, like dilating pupils, leaning body, or mindless agreement. When you think about it, you will find that most of the relations start from ordinary
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