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Unformatted text preview: Ed Tell Angela (Anqi) Liu #4 Response: Interpersonal Power Sec. 002 20415897 Listening is a multi-staged process that includes not only the physiological behavior of hearing, but also the cognitive social conduct of interpreting emotions and coming up with appropriate reactions (80). A good listener requires great emotional intelligence, for he must be able to capture all the key points stated by the other, and then respond accordingly based on the subtle meanings conveyed both verbally and non-verbally (83). Much as we may pride ourselves in our good inclination to listen, we do not always end up with the desired effect. Such a situation befell me some time ago, when the very best friend of mine asked me out for a drink. Sitting in a beautifully decorated little coffee shop, Carol Ye seemed uncommonly quiet, even after several sips from her super-sized mug. I broke the silence by asking if something was bothering her, noticing that she barely smiled. Sure enough, she grimaced before slowly confessing that she believed her boyfriend was leaving her. On hearing this I was more shocked than sympathetic, for their romance had always been the model among friends. So I strongly denied the possibility and suggested she might be over reacting. Carol hesitated and then started telling me about their recent trip to a famous tourist spot. She sounded a bit upset when listing all the bad signs, her voice uneven. I remained silent for the most part, only facially showing my consent or sympathy at some point. Towards the end of her speech, I began to agree with Carol about her worst fear. However, rather than speak out loud, I implied that she deserved better people. Not wanting to see Carol suffer, I naively thought she should determine when the relation ends. Carol seemed to be struggling with the idea, though. If given the chance, I would never have offered any unwise suggestions to Carol. How tactless of me! I totally neglected how Carol had felt. Instead, I would only comfort her by reassuring that everything will be okay for sure. Empty words as they were, they would never fail to make Carol feel better. After all, one of the most important things we should do about friends is to be good listeners, and remain emotionally caring towards them. ...
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