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Unformatted text preview: y the choice between adopting censusing or sampling depends on the phenomenon being studied. For instance, the study of a community of plants in a local habitat would most easily be achieved by sampling, whereas for the distribution of shop types in an urban area censusing is more appropriate because here the total population of shops could easily be identified. However, the majority of the statistical theory of quadrat analysis is based on the premise that the data has been collected by sampling. Consequently, the nature of the mathematical model to be tested may well determine the data collection procedure. (iii) The methodology of quadrat analysis We begin by observing that dividing the individual elements of the obx points in a single quadrat selected at random from the census. Therefore, if we require the probability that a randomly selected quadrat contains exactly x points, then the probability that x=m is given by (6) where m can take on values between 0 and r. For the frequency array given in Fig.2(...
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