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20 level of the kolmogorov smirnov d statistic this

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Unformatted text preview: he information we have available. Moreover, because their assumptions involve time, neither the negative binomial nor double Poisson can be substantiated as plausible explanations for the processes controlling the pattern on the present evidence. 33 32 (iii) Redundancy The entropy-maximising property of the Bose-Einstein model enables us to calculate Shannon's indices of relative entropy and redundancy for any observed frequency distribution. Relative entropy is the ratio between the observed entropy of the frequency array and its maximum possible entropy. Using equation (63) we can define this quantity as. Redundancy = 1 - (67) (68) Redundancy measures the extent to which the pattern is controlled by some unknown processes which we will term rather clumsily as 'unhypothesised information'. Again the index takes on values between zero and one. A redundancy of zero indicates a perfect correspondence between the observed frequency array and the Bose-Einstein prediction. A redundancy of one occ...
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