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An introduction to factor analytical techniques jb

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Unformatted text preview: duction to factor analytical techniques - J.B. Goddard & A. Kirby 8. Principal components analysis - S. Daultrey 9. Causal inferences from dichotomous variables - N. Davidson 10. Introduction to the use of logit models in geography - N. Wrigley 11. Linear programming: elementary geographical applications of the transportation problem - A. Hay 12. An introduction to quadrat analysis - R.W. Thomas 13. An introduction to time-geography. N.J. Thrift I INTRODUCTION (i) Background (ii) Data collection methods (iii) The methodology of quadrat analysis (iv) Other properties of point patterns II INDEPENDENCE IN SPACE (i) The multiplication axiom for independent events (ii) Binomial coefficients (iii) The binomial distribution (iv) The Poisson distribution as a limit of the binomial III GOODNESS-OF-FIT TESTS (i) The Chi-square test (ii) The Kolmogorov-Smirnov D Statistic (iii) The variance/mean ratio Other titles are in preparation, and any suggestions as to new titles should be sent to the Editor, Dr P.J. Taylor, De...
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