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Annals of mathematical statistics 10 35 37 ord jk 1970

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Unformatted text preview: . 2, Random counts in biomedical and social sciences, ed G.P. Patil, (University of Pennsylvania Press), 15-63. Quenouille, M.H. (1949), A relation between logarithmic, Poisson and negative binomial series. Biometrics, 5, 162-64. Rogers, A. (1969a), Quadrat analysis of urban dispersion: 1.Theoretical techniques. Environment and Planning, 1, 47-80. Rogers, A. & Gomar, N. (1969b), Statistical inference in quadrat analysis. Geographical Analysis, 1, 370-84. Rogers, A. & Martin, J. (1971), Quadrat analysis of urban dispersion: 3. Bivariate models. Environment and Planning, 3, 433-50. Rogers, A. & Raquillet, R. (1972), Quadrat analysis of urban dispersion: 4. Spatial Sampling. Environment and Planning, 4, 331-45. Rogers, A. (1974), Statistical analysis of spatial dispersion. (London: Pion) Schilling, W. (1947), A frequency distribution represented as the sum of two Poisson distributions. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 42, 407-24. Skellam, J.G. (1952), Studies in statistical ecology. 1. Spatial patterns. B...
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