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Biometrika 49 215 26 37 kershaw ka 1957 the use of

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Unformatted text preview: 9. Matern, B. (1960), Spatial variation. Stochastic models and their application to some problems in forest surveys and other sampling investigations. Meddelanden Fran Statens Skogsforskningsinstitut, Band 49, 1-144. McConnell, H. (1966), Quadrat methods in map analysis. Discussion Paper No. 3, Department of Geography, University of Iowa. Mead, R. (1974), A test for spatial pattern at several scales using data from a grid of contiguous quadrats. Biometrics, 30, 295-307. Moore, P.G. (1953), A test for non-randomness in plant populations. Annals of Botany (New Series) , 17, 57-62. Morisita, M. (1959), Measuring the dispersion of individuals and analysis of the distributional patterns. Memoirs of the Faculty of Science Kyusha University, Series E, 2, 215-235. Neyman, J. (1939), On a new class of contagious distribution, applicable in entomology and bacteriology. Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 10, 35-37. Ord, J.K. (1970), The negative binomial and quadrat sampling. in: Random Counts in Scientific Work: Vol...
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