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Dacey mf 1966 a county seat model for the areal

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Unformatted text preview: class of contagious distributions. Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 14, 389-400. Feller, W. (1957), An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications. Part I (New York: Wiley) Fisher, R.A. (1941), The negative binomial distribution. 11, 182-7. Annals of Eugenics, Gray, J.R. (1967), Probability. (Edinburgh and London: Oliver and Boyd) Greig-Smith, P. (1952), The use of random and contiguous quadrats in the study of the structure of plant communities. Annals of Botany (New Series), 16, 293-312. Greig-Smith, P. (1964), Quantitative Plant Ecology, 2nd Edition. (London: Butterworths) Gurland, J. (1958), A generalized class of contagious distributions. Biometrics, 14, 229-49. Holgate, P. (1965), Some new tests for randomness. Journal of Ecology, 53, 261-66. Gurland, J. (1962), Efficiency of certain methods of estimation Katti, S.K. for the negative binomial and Neyman A distributions. Biometrika, 49, 215-26. 37 Kershaw, K.A. (1957), The use of cover and frequency in the detection of pattern in plant communities. Ecology, 38, 291-9...
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