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For the frequency array given in fig2iia the

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Unformatted text preview: ii)a the probability that a randomly selected quadrat contains 0 points is given by The distribution of P(x=m) possesses the property common to all probability distributions which is that the sum of the individual probabilities forming the distribution must be 1(unity), such that (7) The central idea in the quadrat method is that we construct theories, in the form of probability distributions, to give predicted probabilities which may be compared with each of the individual probabilities in the observed frequency distribution. The theoretical probability distribution is obtained by making sensible assumptions about the process governing the evolution of the point pattern. From those assumptions we deduce the probability distribution that will give the appropriate prediction of the frequency distribution of the pattern. Finally, we compare the predicted probabilities with the observed probabilities obtained by sampling or censusing the pattern. If there exists a close correspondence bet...
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