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For the negative binomial these procedures are

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Unformatted text preview: be estimated. Briefly, the moments estimation is designed to find values of prediction are equal to the mean and variance of the data set. The following (44) (45) These equations demonstrate that the logical outcome of the moments procedure Table 5(i) shows the results of fitting the moments estimate of the negative binomial to the frequency distribution of farmers who adopted T.B. control between 1900-24. It may be noted that mean and variance of the predicted negative binomial are equal to the observed mean and variance. 21 Table 5: Fitting the negative binomial to data for the adoption of T.B. control in S. Sweden (1900-24). Source: Harvey (1966) after Hgerstrand (1967) In practice probability models are usually unable to give a perfect prediction for the observed frequencies irrespective of the parameter values. In such cases the maximum likelihood estimate of the parameter value will give a less than perfect prediction. However, it is always true that maximum likelihood estimation will give the best prediction possible,...
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