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Given that social contacts in rural areas tend to be

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Unformatted text preview: udy the distribution of adopters among a rural population of farmers, the initial patterns of adoption are likely to be highly clustered (see Harvey, 1966). If we envisage an infinite plane where an infinite number of points tend to cluster in the same location then the variance of the resulting frequency array will tend to infinity together with the value of the variance/mean ratio. 19 (ii) The negative binomial distribution In geographical applications of quadrat analysis clustered distributions have been found to be far more prevalent than uniform distributions. For this reason, the majority of this section will be concerned with probability distributions which model the clustering of points. In particular we shall be most concerned with the properties of the negative binomial because it is with this distribution that geographers have had the greatest success in fitting observed frequency arrays. The negative binomial is derived in the following manner. Assume that points are assigned to an...
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