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Here there is competition between towns for market

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Unformatted text preview: pel each other to create a fairly uniform distribution. 18 If we take a quadrat census of a completely uniform pattern such that there are equal numbers of points in each cell, then the mean of this census will be identical to each observation (mi), and because all mi are equal the variance will be zero. Consequently, the value of the variance/mean ratio will also be zero. Accordingly, values of the variance/mean ratio between one and zero are indicative of uniformity, which becomes more pronounced as the ratio tends to zero. Clustered point patterns (Fig. 4c) are thought to be the result of contagious processes where, as the pattern evolves, the location of a point in a cell increases the probability of subsequent points being located in that cell. Phenomena that diffuse through time and space are usually governed by contagious processes. For example, Hagerstrand's (1967) renowned work on the adoption of agricultural innovations by Swedish farmers demonstrated that the decision by a farmer to adopt an innovation was the result of verbal contact with a farmer already making use of the innovation. Given that social contacts in rural areas tend to be made over short distances then, if we st...
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