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Incidentally the fact that the negative binomial is

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Unformatted text preview: ference in the prediction of the most likely frequency array between the geometric and the Poisson models, remembering that the Poisson is equivalent to a negative binomial with k equal to infinity. Table 8 is designed to illustrate the merits of the redundancy index in a comparative situation. The results are based on Factory Inspectorate Records of industrial plant location in Greater Merseyside, 1966 (see fig.l(i)). Point patterns of factories for three industrial classes have been analysed on a 412 kilometre square census covering the built-up area of the conurbation. Here the assumptions of the Bose-Einstein model are appropriate because no additional information is available on the evolution of the patterns. The subsequent redundancy values are easy to sustain from geographical reasoning. Vehicle factories are large independent concerns which have few factors influencing their location at the intra-urban scale. Consequently, the low redundancy and the close fit of the frequency array with the geometric distribution (not illustrated) are hardly surprising. The...
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