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Similarly the probabilities themselves will maximise

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Unformatted text preview: is given in Thomas and Reeve (1976). Examples of all these definitions and properties are given in Figure 6. (ii) The entropy maximising distribution We can now derive a probability distribution for predicting the most likely frequency distribution (meso-state). We wish to find that particular meso-state description that can create the greatest number of micro-state descriptions, because this description will be the most likely in the absence of controls on the pattern. Mathematically, this requires us to obtain the meso-state description which maximises the value of equation (62) subject to the conditions (1) and (2). Such a meso-state will be the most likely because it can arise in the greatest number of ways. Moreover, the solution to this problem will be an entropy-maximising solution because ln(W) is one of the definitions of entropy or uncertainty. It is useful to re-state this problem in terms of the probability distribution which, when multiplied through by n, will predict the most lik...
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