Quadrat Analysis_RW_Thomas

Quadrat Analysis_RW_Thomas

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Unformatted text preview: omial to the distribution of voters for winning mayorial candidates in Indianapolis. Reynolds suggests that social contacts within a voter's immediate urban environment will tend to influence his voting decision in favour of the dominant political party in that area, which results in a clustered distribution of party voters. However, structural applications are the more prevalent in geography, and these include the analysis of karst depressions in limestone regions (LaValle 1967; McConnell and Horn, 1972), factory and shop distributions in urban areas (Thomas and Reeve, 1976; Rogers, 1965 and 1969c; Sibley, 1972) and the distribution of houses in Puerto Rico (Dacey, 1968). Here we will review some of these diverse applications while paying particular attention to the two methodological problems which influence any application of quadrat analysis: model specification, and the influence of quadrat size on the results - known as the scale problem. 25 (i) Karst depressions and the problem of model specification Table 7: The distribution of karst depressions...
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