Quadrat Analysis_RW_Thomas

Quadrat Analysis_RW_Thomas

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Unformatted text preview: e from one another at the micro-state level. For example, although an interchange of a pair of points in one of the micro-states in Figure 6 leaves the form of the micro-state unaltered, under the binomial definition of equal likelihood each possible interchange of a pair of points (6 3) subject to the conditions (7) and (8) Because H is linearly related to ln(W) the aims of these two problems are identical. The choice of a random probability model for a particular problem depends on the amount of information that is available to the research worker. If the observed point pattern is the only information then the Bose-Einstein model is appropriate, but if the evolution of the pattern can be traced over time the Poisson or binomial will be appropriate. For the karst depression data listed in Table 7 the Bose-Einstein assumptions are appropriate and the geometric distribution has been found to fit the observed frequency array at the p = .20 level of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov D statistic. This result implies the observed frequency distribution is the most likely we could expect given t...
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