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The example used is the appropriateness of the

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Unformatted text preview: the exception of the variance/mean ratio, the tests may be applied to all the probability distributions that occur in quadrat analysis. (ii) The Chi-square test This is the most commonly used goodness-of-fit statistic which tests the degree of correspondence between two frequency distributions grouped into identical classes. The formula for the test statistic is, observed and expected frequencies becomes perfect, and tends to be large as the fit becomes poorer. In quadrat analysis the expected frequency distribution A second problem that arises with x 2 also concerns the probability of Type II errors. For most statistical tests the null hypothesis is the converse of the actual idea that is being tested such that the research worker is hoping to reject the null hypothesis and so confirm his original idea. Tests are designed in this way because statisticians are conservative and will only accept an idea when there is a low probability (a) of the difference being due to sampling error. However, this is not the usual case in quadrat analysis. Normally the resear...
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