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These secondary characteristics of the variancemean

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Unformatted text preview: lowing section. None of the tests described here are sufficient measures of goodness-offit in their own right, and it is common practice to apply a number of tests before deciding if a model gives a sufficiently good prediction of the observed frequency distribution. Furthermore, the statistical theory for all these tests is based on the premise that the frequency data were collected by random quadrat sampling. If the data are derived by censusing then the tests are not really appropriate, although in practice they are often applied to census data as a guide to interpretation. The three tests we have described were selected because they are the most widely applied. However, numerous other goodness-of-fit tests for quadrat analysis have been constructed and the reader is referred to Greig-Smith (1964) and Mead (1974) for interesting discussions of their performance. Fig. 4: Some ordered point patterns IV. DEPENDENCE IN SPACE (i) Uniform and clustered patterns So far we have limited our discussio...
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