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These techniques are of inherent interest to

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Unformatted text preview: rent interest to geographers because they provide answers to fundamental questions about the relationships between points in space. However, the first applications of the quadrat method appear in the literature of plant ecology, beginning with a paper by Gleason (1920). In plant ecology quadrat methods are used to analyse spatial properties of plant communities, but it is only recently that geographers have taken a serious interest in these techniques. Geographical point patterns which have been subjected to quadrat analysis include the distribution of shops in urban areas (Rogers, 1965, 1969 c), the distribution of karst depressions in a limestone region (McConnell and Horn, 1972), and the adoption of agricultural innovations by rural populations (Harvey, 1966). Fig.l(i) shows the distribution of vehicle factories in the Merseyside conurbation (1966), which is a representative example of a geographical point pattern suitable for quadrat analysis. The geographer looking at this map might ask himself the following questions. 'Does the pattern of points...
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