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We found this to be the case with the binomial and

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Unformatted text preview: geographical understanding of a particular pattern before sensible choices can be made between different assumptions and models. The most vital judgements are qualitative and not quantitative. The statistical problems associated with the quadrat method involve more subjective judgements. The selection of powerful goodness-of-fit tests and efficient estimating procedures may still lead to erroneous conclusions if insufficient information is available to test all the assumptions of the model. One of the more recent innovations in the geographical applications of quadrat analysis has been the testing of bivariate probability models. Here two different patterns are modelled simultaneously and Rogers and Martin (1971) 36 Dacey, M.F. (1964), Modified Poisson probability law for point patterns more regular than random. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 54, 559-565. Dacey, M.F. (1966), A county seat model for the areal pattern of an urban system. Geographical Review, 56, 527-45. Feller, W. (1943), On a general...
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