SpatstatManual - Package ‘spatstat’ December 21, 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Package ‘spatstat’ December 21, 2011 Version 1.25-1 Date 2011-12-21 Title Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, tests Author Adrian Baddeley <[email protected]> and Rolf Turner <[email protected]> with substantial contributions of code by Kasper Klitgaard Berthelsen; Abdollah Jalilian; Marie-Colette van Lieshout; Ege Rubak; Dominic Schuhmacher; and Rasmus Waagepetersen. Additional contributions by Q.W. Ang; S. Azaele; C. Beale; R. Bernhardt; B. Biggerstaff; R. Bivand; F. Bonneu; J. Burgos; S. Byers; Y.M. Chang; J.B. Chen; I. Chernayavsky; Y.C. Chin; B. Christensen; M. de la Cruz; P. Dalgaard; P.J. Diggle; I. Dryden; S. Eglen; N. Funwi-Gabga; A. Gault; M. Genton; P. Grabarnik; C. Graf; J. Franklin; U. Hahn; A. Hardegen; M. Hering; M.B. Hansen; M. Hazelton; J. Heikkinen; K. Hornik; R. Ihaka; R. John-Chandran; D. Johnson; M. Kuhn; J. Laake; R.A. Lamb; G.P. Leser; B. Madin; R. Mark; J. Mateu; P. McCullagh; U. Mehlig; S. Meyer; X.C. Mi; J. Moller; L.S. Nielsen; F. Nunes; E. Parilov; J. Picka; A. Raftery; M. Reiter; T.O. Richardson; B.D. Ripley; B. Rowlingson; J. Rudge; A. Sarkka; K. Schladitz; B.T. Scott; G.C. Shen; V. Shcherbakov; I.-M. Sintorn; Y. Song; M. Spiess; M. Stevenson; K. Stucki; M. Sumner; P. Surovy; B. Taylor; B. Turlach; A. van Burgel; T. Verbeke; A. Villers; H. Wang; H. Wendrock; J. Wild and S. Wong. Maintainer Adrian Baddeley <[email protected]> Depends R ( > = 2.14.0), stats, graphics, utils, mgcv, deldir ( > = 0.0-10) Suggests gpclib, sm, maptools, spatial, rpanel, tkrplot, scatterplot3d, RandomFields ( > = 2.0) Description A package for analysing spatial data, mainly Spatial Point Patterns, including multitype/marked points and spatial covariates, in any two-dimensional spatial region. Also supports three-dimensional point patterns, and space-time point patterns in any number of dimensions. Contains over 1000 functions for plotting spatial data, exploratory data analysis, model-fitting, simulation, spatial sampling, model diagnostics, and formal inference. Data types include point patterns, line segment patterns, spatial windows, pixel im-ages and tessellations. Exploratory methods include K-functions, nearest neighbour dis-tance and empty space statistics, Fry plots, pair correlation function, ker-nel smoothed intensity, relative risk estimation with cross-validated bandwidth selec-tion, mark correlation functions, segregation indices, mark dependence diagnostics etc. 1 2 R topics documented: Point process models can be fitted to point pattern data using func-tions ppm, kppm, slrm similar to glm. Models may include dependence on covariates, in-terpoint interaction, cluster formation and dependence on marks. Fitted mod-els can be simulated automatically....
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SpatstatManual - Package ‘spatstat’ December 21, 2011...

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