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Unformatted text preview: .PlanetaryOrbit (Chap.01) 1. Newton'sderivaAonofKepler's3rdlaw 2.Units&NumbersinAstronomy:2nde.g. WeighingthemassoftheSun Kepler's3rdlaw(lawofharmonics) P2 = R3 wherePinyears RinAU(EarthSundistance) Itstartsfrom F = ma Newtonianform Newton's2nd lawofmoAon whereM=MassoftheSun 2 1/19/12 HowtoweighSun? Remember? WeneedtoknowhowAstronomerstreat "astronomicalnumbers"(MKSunit). 1AU=1.496x1011m G=6.67x1011Nm2/kg2 1year=365.26x24x60x60=3.16x107s OnThursday(Jan19) 3...
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