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Unformatted text preview: 2 1/12/12 Mayan(400200B.C.)and Chaldean(~600B.C.)also Independentlydevelopedtheir ownastronomy! Prehistoricastronomy(before3500B.C.) AncientEgypIan AncientChinese AncientMesopotamian Chaldean(Sumerian+Babylonian) Mayan(400~200B.C) AncientGreek(600B.C.~200A.D.) GreekAstronomy(600B.C.~200A.D.) Aristotle (384322B.C.) Ptolemy (100178A.D.) 3 1/12/12 Kepler'sModel 1 3.Lawofharmony 2 P2=R3 NewtonianModel NewtonderivedtheequaIonoftheKepler's planetaryorbitbyusinghisuniversallawof gravitaIon! Kepler'slawsfortheplanetarymoIonis confirmedbyNewtonianphysics! 4...
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