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Unformatted text preview: Term Project for CNT 6107 Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. CISE Department University of Florida (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Results of Student Survey 81% of students have taken Introductory networking courses before 47% of students wrote networking client programs before 9% of students wrote networking daemon programs before 6% of the students did network measurement before (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Submission Deadline Five-person teams are required for the term paper project (REQUIRED) proposal dues on Monday Feb. 27, 2012 Address my comments on your proposal and lay out a plan to finish the report Team presentation starts as early as Monday Apr. 09, 2012 Term paper dues on Wed. Apr. 25, 2012 (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Grading Policy Definition (10%) : What is the problem definition? Why is the problem important? Survey (20%) : How many approaches were proposed in the past? A survey with 20 archived papers in journals and conference proceedings is required. (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Grading Policy (cont.) Critical Thinking (20%) : What are the design trade-offs? What are the advantages and disadvantages from the previously proposed approaches? Can you think a new approach? (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Grading Policy (cont.) Paper Writing (20%) : What is the best way to present your study (as a group)? A 20-page report is expected. Use your own words to write the report. Simply "copy-and-paste" is considered a serious violation in academic ethics. (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. Grading Policy (cont.) Implementation (30%) : Need to demonstrate the design trade-offs (e.g., experiments, emulations or simulations) It is a VERY time-consuming process, thus please start as early as possible This part will be graded by TA, and you need to demonstrate the codes/runs (c) Jonathan C.L. Liu, Ph.D. ...
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