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EEL 4744—Spring 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 15 February 2011 13-Feb-12 1:01 PM Page 1/11 Exam 1 , Last Name , First Name Instructions: Good luck! Go Gators! Turn off cell phones , beepers and other noise making devices. Show all work on the front of the test papers. If you need more room, make a clearly indicated note on the front of the page, "MORE ON BACK", and use the back. The back of the page will not be graded without an indication on the front. You may use any of your TI documents with limited added material; highlighting and tagging is permissible . You may not use any notes (mine or yours), examples, homework, labs, books, calculators, computer, electronic devices, etc. Put your name at the top of each test page and be sure your exam consists of 11 distinct pages. The space provided does not necessarily represent the amount of writing necessary. You must pledge and sign this page in order for a grade to be assigned. I n programs, the use of comments results in more partial credit. Read each question carefully and follow the instructions . The point values for problems may be changed at prof’s discretion. Part of your grade on tests, quizzes, labs, etc. is based not only on solving the problem you are presented with, but the manner in which you solve it. For example, there is a difference between two programs that meet the given specifications, but one is an elegant, extensible 20-line solution, while the other is an obfuscated 100-line program that also meets the specifications but would be difficult to extend later. Just as your future employer would value the latter program less than the first, so will I in grading your assignments. This exam counts for 20.67-24.0 % of your total grade. Unless otherwise stated assume the following: The oscillator frequency is precisely 15 MHz. The code should run on a TMS320F28335 as configure on the UF F28335 Development Board without any additional peripherals. You may assume all the bit .SET s that you may need have already been done; use the standard I have used in class (e.g., BIT0 = 0000 0001b, BIT76 = 1100 0000b, INV7 = 0111 1111b, INV15_6 = 0111 1111 1011 1111b ). PLEDGE: On my honor as a University of Florida student, I certify that I have neither given nor received any aid on this examination, nor I have seen anyone else do so. __________________________ _______________________ ________________ PRINT YOUR NAME SIGN YOUR NAME DATE ( 15 Feb 11 ) Regrade comments below. Give page # & problem # and reason for the petition. Pages
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ex1_s11 - University of Florida Department of Electrical &...

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