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University of Florida EEL 4744 – Spring 2012 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. Revision 2 Colin Watson & Erick Macias, TA Page 1/2 Lab 2: Programming the DSP 31-Jan-12 OBJECTIVES In this lab you will write your first program for the TI F28335 DSP. You will gain practice in programming the processor, understanding how to simulate your program before programming the board, and how to debug/emulate your program after programming the board. REQUIRED MATERIALS Read/save the following document: o Create/Emulate an ASM CCS project o Debug/Simulate an ASM CCS Project o Run/Debug an ASM CCS Project o CPU and Instruction Set Reference Guide (TI #: SPRU430E) Addressing Modes: Sections 5.1, 5.4-5.7 Instruction Set: Table 6-1 and Table 6-2 Condition Codes for Branches: Page 215 o Assembly Language Conversion: GCPU to TI DSP F28335 Board PRELAB REQUIREMENTS It is required that you make a flowchart or write pseudo- code before writing any program in this course. This will help you formulate a plan of attack for the code. PART A. DSP PROGRAM Write a program, using the DSP assembly language, to filter data from an array in memory and to copy that data to a specified memory location. Your program will assume that the data is already placed in memory prior to execution, i.e., you will use assembler directives like “.word” or “.byte” to put the values into memory.
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lab2_s12_dsp_program - University of Florida Electrical...

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