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University of Florida EEL 4744 Drs. Eric M. Schwartz & Karl Gugel Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. Revision 0 13-Jan-12 Page 1/1 Pre-laboratory Report Guidelines OBJECTIVES Every laboratory will have a requirement for submission of documents, both in paper form and in an email (to our class gmail account, with the proper subject). This document will describe some of the necessary items. FLOWCHART OR PSEUDOCODE To plan the operation of your software you should always create a flowchart or write pseudo-code before you start writing the program. (See section 3.8 in your textbook.) Flowchart: Each element in a flowchart should correspond to a section of code beginning with a label or a specific function. This should be done before you begin coding. You can always edit it, if necessary. For symbols used in making classic flowcharts see the textbook or see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flowchart#Symbols . Rectangles: processing steps Diamonds: decisions Parallelogram: input or output Circle/Rounded Square: start and end There are many software programs which can be used. They include Visio, SmartDraw, Violet UML Editor, OpenOffice Draw, PowerPoint, Word. If you do decide to draw it by hand, make sure it is neat and readable! Pseudocode:
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