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PSY 376- Developmental Psychology Chapter 12: Gender and Sexuality Study Guide 1. Be able to define the basic terminology associated with gender development, including gender, sex, gender identity, gender roles, gender-typing, and gender stereotypes. 2. How would we describe traditional male and female roles in society? 3. Be familiar with some of the current gender stereotypes that we discussed in class, and what the research says about the legitimacy of these stereotypes (for example: stereotype is that males are better at math, and generally we do see this). 4. Be familiar with patterns of gender development across the lifespan. How does gender develop in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is meant by gender-intensification hypothesis? Why might this be more problematic for boys than girls? 6. Be familiar with the difference between report and rapport styles of communication. What is meant by these terms, and which gender typically prefers which? 7. We discussed a number of theories which attempt to account for the observed differences in gender and gender roles, including biological theory, biosocial theory, evolutionary theory, social role theory, psychoanalytical theory of gender, social cognitive theory of gender, and gender schema theory. Be familiar with the main premises of each of these....
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