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General Information COP 5611 - Operating Systems Design Principles. Spring 2012. Lecture time: M, Wd 6:00- 7:15 PM, Lecture hall: ENG 0435 Instructor: Dan C. Marinescu Office Hours: M, Wd 5:00-6:00 PM or by appointment. Office Location: HEC 304. Class Web site: dcm/Teaching/COP5611-Spring2012/ Final Exam: Textbook : “Principles of Computer Systems Design; An Introduction, Vol 2” by Jerome Saltzer and Frans Kaasohoek. Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 978-0-12-374957- 4. The students are not required to buy any textbook for this class, the text is avail- able online at an-introduction-spring-2009/online-textbook/networks open 5 0.pdf (the first volume was published in July 2009). The textbook reflects the experience of the two authors in teaching the subject at MIT for many years. One of the authors of the textbook, Prof. Jerome Saltzer, helped formulate the undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science, and developed the core subject on com- puter systems engineering at MIT. In mid 1960s he was involved in all aspects of the design and implementation of the Multics system and more recently in the design of the Kerberos authentication system. The topics covered in Volume 2 are: 1. Chapter 7. The Network as a System and as a System Component 2. Chapter 8. Fault Tolerance: Reliable Systems from Unreliable Components 3. Chapter 9. Atomicity: All-or-Nothing and Before-or-After 4. Chapter 10. Consistency 5. Chapter 11. Security Additional references : Class notes for several topics will be provided. Suggestions for the most relevant readings on the topics covered in the text are are given on pages 375-423 of Volume 1 and at the end of Volume 2. Due dates: assignments, research papers, and project phases are due un Thursday of the week specified by 10 AM; all should be submitted by Email with the required subject. All submission should be in .pdf; the students are encouraged to use either Word or Latex for text and Visio for figures. Assignments : There are two homework assignments each consisting of 5-6 problems from the textbook. Research paper : The research paper should be focused on a specific aspect of reliability of computing and communication systems chosen by each student. Chapter 8 provides a wealth
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of references the students could use. The paper should follow the traditional organization of a
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GeneralInformation - General Information COP 5611 -...

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