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689-700 q6 - James Yang 689-700 Q6 1. How did...

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James Yang 689-700 Q6 1. How did anti-imperialistic ideals represent both the honorable and not honorable principles? There was a prominent anti-imperialist league in America that opposed the war, and opposed anything gained from the war. Annexation was looked down upon for a multitude of reasons that can primarily be split into the honorable and not honorable principles. Firstly, many anti-imperialists believed that imperialism contradicted with American ideals. Annexation of a territory without following the designated steps toward statehood was viewed as unconstitutional. They saw this as no better than what Britain subjugated America to years beforehand. On the other hand, a racist position was also held for anti-imperialism because they believed that the savages from Asian islands could never be civilized and integrated into America society. The worst thing that could happen was the contamination of the pure Anglo Saxon blood, and they did not wish to incorporate any more colored men into politics. No matter how noble or how prejudiced their beliefs, these anti imperialists voiced their opinions. 2. How did both hypocrisy and empathy both result from the annexation of Cuba and the Philippines? The annexation of a territory may have benefited America’s interests, however, it revealed to the world America’s most evident hypocrisy. The US treatment of the Filipinos and Cubans was largely the same as Spain’s treatment. The momentous war
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689-700 q6 - James Yang 689-700 Q6 1. How did...

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