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728-741 q6 - James Yang Page 728-741 Q6 1. How did Theodore...

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James Yang Page 728-741 Q6 1. How did Theodore Roosevelt more effectively serve as President by adjusting his own preferences? Theodore Roosevelt was a firm believer in corporate capitalism, and hated talking and negotiating with labor leaders and their socialist ideals. However, Roosevelt put his beliefs aside when he realized that it was the Presidents duty to negotiate and meet with conflicting sides for the betterment of the country. Although he detested the leaders of the coal mine labor union, when the price of coal tripled and schools were shutting down because they could not afford heat, Roosevelt called both the owners of the mines and the representatives of the union to the White House. America was suffering due to the strikes, and instead of seeing more strikebeaters get involved, Roosevelt took action. At the white house, his personal views aside, he approached each side equally and eventually the miners agreed to go back to work with a 10 percent raise in wages and a nine hour work day. No matter what his opinion, Theodore Roosevelt felt that as President he would be most successful in negotiating taking the middle ground. He favored no one and delivered a satisfactory, although never completely, solution to the problem. In this way he was able to better serve as President. 2. Why did Theodore Roosevelt concentrate on conservation and how did his background knowledge promote the cause? Conservation of the land was a key issue to Theodore Roosevelt and he holds it as his most important domestic achievement. This can be ascribed to his youth, when he was a
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728-741 q6 - James Yang Page 728-741 Q6 1. How did Theodore...

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