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744-754 Q6 - JamesYang 744754Q6 1 How was the great war...

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James Yang 744-754 Q6 1. How was the great war slightly surprising in its arrival? A war of great magnitude such as the Great War is seemingly impossible to catch anyone by surprise. However, this war came at a time just when international agreements were being made and countries were working together. Since 1815, there had been no international wars, so the countries were unprepared more than one country at a time. Also, agreements on telegrahs, postage, and copyrights internationally were misleading that the nations of the world would be unified. Aboe that, in 1899 at a conference in the Netherlands, a World Court was set up to settle disputes before a war would erupt. With these preventive measures in place, many nations were confident that a war could not possibly erupt, but to their surprise, it did. 2. Analyze the domino effect after the incident in Sarajevo. The assassination at Sarajevo completely destroyed the cooperation that held Europe, and even more so, the world held together. The vindictive Austria Hungary was determined to get revenge on Serbia for the incident. To help Serbia, Russia stepped up, and Germany supported Austria Hungary. The nations declared war on each other. Later on, England entered the war when Belgium was invaded, and a few months later, Bulgaria
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744-754 Q6 - JamesYang 744754Q6 1 How was the great war...

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