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854-860 q5 - James Yang 854 860 Q5 1 Analyze Franklin...

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James Yang 854 - 860 Q5 1. Analyze Franklin Roosevelt’s method in developing America’s foreign policy. Franklin Roosevelt’s method of developing America’s foreign policy revolved around one thing: the economy. Leading America through the depression, the economy was always on his mind and when he set about the world making different negotiations with different countries, he never forgot the importance of America’s economy to the success of the country. He openly supported the Societ government, hoping to find an export for the excess American grain. He openly supported dictators and removed American military forces from Haiti and Nicaragua to protect America’s trade interests. Later on, he readmitted the military forces when it appeared that the countries could not be independent and its economy could crash. Although it may seem noble to help the struggling countries, Roosevelt was much more interested on the effects that the crash would have on America itself. When Cuba underwent a revolution, America worked desperately to make peace agreements and even recognized the Batista government due to the 1 billion dollars that Americans invested in the nation. 2.
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854-860 q5 - James Yang 854 860 Q5 1 Analyze Franklin...

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