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872-884 Q6 - James Yang 872884Q6 1 Why was 1942 such a...

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James Yang 872-884 Q6 1. Why was 1942 such a devastating year for the Allied Powers? The worst year for the Allies in WWII by far was 1942. Japan and Germany grew in power and territory, while Britain, America, and the Soviet Union could not even agree on a plan of action. Japan captured the Dutch East Indies along with many other islands such as Burma, Guam, and the Aleutian Islands. Also, Germany pushed into Russia, almost reaching Moscow, the capital, which could possibly have knocked the Soviet Union out of the war. Also, the Allies could not cooperate because while Churchill wanted no direct assaults and to first weaken Germany, Stalin wished for a second front assault to relieve the Russian Army. Furthermore, America at this time was not prepared with its industries yet. With three different leaders unable to agree on a plan of action, 1942 became the worst year for the Allied Powers, and become the best year for the Axis Powers. 2. Why was Operation Overlord successful for the Allies? Operation Overlord, began in June 6 th , 1944, involving the invasion of the West, was extremely successful in helping the Allies win the war. This was what Stalin wanted all the way back in 1942, and was coordinated by Eisenhower. Previously, the German transportation centers had been bombed. Although this bombing may actually have raised German morale, their communications were hindered. Also, the American
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872-884 Q6 - James Yang 872884Q6 1 Why was 1942 such a...

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