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AILD paper - James Yang Mr. Puma AP Language and...

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James Yang Mr. Puma AP Language and Composition 12/23/09 As I Lay Dying Point of View Paper There is always something beneath the surface. Often what appears to be the simplest task in actuality is filled with intricacies and hidden meanings. The only way to uncover all of the meanings is to go back to the source. For this reason, Faulkner utilizes streams of consciousness in As I Lay Dying to reveal the true motives, the true attitudes, and the true desires of characters who are unwilling to share personal information with others. With an eclectic combination of characters recounting the events in Yoknapatawpha County, descriptions are intermingled, and the same event continuously takes on new meanings. More importantly, the same character begins to be developed in a new light, revealing the drastic differences of a character talked about , and a character talked to . Through his use of the uncensored and unorganized stream of consciousness point of view, Faulkner uncovers the ulterior desires of all humanity, previously shrouded by the more conspicuous motives displayed on the surface. Faulkner allows his characters to narrate using free flowing thoughts, and this method is most clearly shown in Anse’s extremely open narrations. Anse always seems to have a concern, whether it is about the trip to Jefferson, the respect for Addie, the new teeth, the new wife, the children, or the money. All of these concerns support his role as the head of the family and an assiduous laborer. He comments, “It’s a hard country on man; it’s hard. Eight miles of the sweat of his body washed up outen the Lord’s earth…I wonder why we keep at it. It’s because there is a reward for us…” (110). In this quote, Anse is jaded and exhausted - although the
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AILD paper - James Yang Mr. Puma AP Language and...

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