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Catcher In the Rye outline

Catcher In the Rye outline - James Yang THESIS Holdens...

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James Yang THESIS Holden’s distrust of adults, disconcertion with his sexuality, reluctance of change, and fondness of kids are rooted in his sexual abuse as a child, and ultimately results in his nervous breakdown DISTRUST OF ADULTS Thinks all adults are phonies o Too conventional, too typical Blanket statement about all adults Perhaps this is the first impression he has ever had of an adult, when he was sexually abused by one He now categorizes nearly every adult in the same way. Doesn’t appreciate father is a lawyer o Thinks everyone is guilty DISCONERTION WITH HIS SEXUALITY (page 193) Spends much of the novel calling girls and attempting to have sex with them’ Commonly sexually abused children will result in “over sexualized behavior”, which explains Holden’s constant interest in it None of the girls entice him enough to have sex with (page 92) o Even Sunny the prostitute, whom he paid for to only have sex with him
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