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James Yang Mr. Puma AP Language and Composition 2/3/10 Frankenstein - rawr From the moment children glance at their first words, they are barraged from all sides with motivational stories of achievement. Walt Disney, the inventor of a myriad of timeless children stories once said, “A person should set all of his goals as early as he can. With enough effort, he can achieve them.” Utilizing this philosophy, Aladdin married the princess and became sultan, Ariel could walk on two feet, and Hercules was given the opportunity to become a God. This vision has enticed people all over the world with a utopian universe, but to Mary Shelley, these inspirational stories were unrealistic. She turned the world upside down and shook the fantasy away, presenting success and achievement from a new perspective. In Frankenstein , the hard work and effort still led to triumphs, but the story continues, with characters facing new, more challenging obstacles than ever before. Utilizing a cause and effect relationship, Mary Shelley follows the most significant success with conflicts to convey that accomplishments will only lead to more substantial problems. From Dr. Frankenstein’s momentous achievement of creating life, the actions, deaths, and choices of all the characters fall into place. Shelley emphasizes the severity of Frankenstein’s monster by first emphasizing the events and painstaking work that it took to create. It was only through unbridled motivation that Victor Frankenstein pursued a career in alchemy. He describes his passion as rising, “like a mountain river, from ignoble and almost forgotten sources” (Shelley 24). The beginning of Frankenstein’s career was atypical in that his
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passion came from a virtually unknown and shameful source. He had to fight societal beliefs that
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frankenstein paper - James Yang Mr Puma AP Language and...

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