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Unformatted text preview: James Yang Sources: Education: Wellington Primary School Bradford Grammar School Bradford College of Art Royal College of Art Family: Hockney’s parents are Lauren and Kennedy Hockney. They wanted him to have the best education possible. Hockney also has a brother Paul and sister Margaret. Work: Hockney started out his career “Always live in the doing montages of photographs, mostly ugliest producing cubism works. He combined house on Name: Nicols Canyon, A BiggerA Bigger Splash, 1967 We Two Boys Together, Grand Canyon, 1980 the street these photographs with his paintings - then David Hockney soon, and was so recognized that he was you don't “A belief is like a have guillotine, just as to chosen for designs in the French edition th l light.” Date of Birth: heavy, just asook at July 9 , 1937 of Vogue. He was famous for using ...
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