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Assigment 3 - fractions vanishes Thus lipids in the...

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Dan Guerra 10/3/10 Paper: Lipid Lateral Mobility Having some knowledge of the construction and characteristics of the phospholipid bi-layer of cells, the basis and results of this paper were moderately comprehensible. From this paper I took away that proteins play an important role in the structure of the phospholipid bi-layer under changes in temperature. When the melting point of the membrane is reached, the “gel phase” transitions to “fluid phase”. The speed at which lipids diffuse, or move about, rapidly increases when the melting temperature is reached. Above the melting temperature, the bi-layer begins to lose order and alter its configurations. This makes sense, as temperature influences the movement of molecules. CTB protein has been found to induce order on the bi-layer, extending over the initial bonding site. “At temperatures higher than 38˚C, the difference in gel phase area
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Unformatted text preview: fractions vanishes. Thus, lipids in the vicinity of bound protein will eventually undergo the conformational transition.” Paper: A chemical approach … This paper was exponentially harder to comprehend, as I have little to no understanding of GPI anchors I found it very interesting that they were capable of implantation and retention of synthetic GPI anchor analogous in proteins on the cell’s surface. Also, the fact that GPI anchor analogs synthesized in the lab was capable of functions similarly to their “native counterparts” was also very interesting. Questions: 1. What are the implications of the Lipid Mobility paper? 2. Please define slaved diffusion? 3. Can you spell glycoslyphophtidylinositol, backwards? 4. Any tips or advice for someone looking to get into research?...
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