Assigment 7

Assigment 7 - fishes that feed on the scales of their prey...

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Dan Guerra 11/1/10 Natural selection is the driving force behind the evolution of species. In the case the African cichlid fishes, they have developed a range of genetic variations surrounding the formation of their oral jaws. The resulting jaws come from the different feeding habits that the species demonstrates, including attacking the prey from a more parallel approach instead of a perpendicular tactic. The research done in the two articles finds a direct relation exists between the force and velocity of the fishes’ feeding technique and the shape of their jaws. One of the more interesting jaw formations is one in which one side of the jaw is shorter than the other side. The resulting asymmetrical jaw is characteristic of the cichlid
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Unformatted text preview: fishes that feed on the scales of their prey. Unlike symmetrical jaws, which require the fish to swim at a more perpendicular approach to attack its prey, the cichlid fish are capable of swimming at a more parallel position. The result is the cichlid fish are less likely to be detected by their prey as they pursue them. Like Darwin’s finches, “the craniofacial evolution in the Perissodini involved discrete shifts in skeletal anatomy that reflect differences in habitat preference and predation strategies.” Questions:-What are the implications of these studies in concerns to the humans?-How much time would an undergrad in your lab be expected to invest on a weekly basis?-What got you interested in your field of study?...
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Assigment 7 - fishes that feed on the scales of their prey...

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