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Assignment 1 - Viczian wants to understand why a group of...

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Thomas P. Fondy Physico-chemotherapy of leukemia in cell culture; actin microfilament in cell signaling and cytokinesis as a key target in cancer therapy Scott Pitnick Sexual selection; evolution of reproductive and life history traits Drs. Michael Zuber and Andrea Viczian leading the effort to generate retinal cells that can be used in replacement therapies to heal eyes damaged by traumatic injury. Zuber: has been characterizing genes that control how retinal stem cells differentiate in the frog. The retina of a frog is remarkably similar to the human retina.
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Unformatted text preview: Viczian: wants to understand why a group of seemingly similar cells in the early embryonic eye choose to become one retinal cell type and not another William G Kerr Transplant immunology and stem cell biology. is studying an enzyme, known as SHIP, that plays a key role in the rejection of bone marrow and organ transplants. The enzyme activates a cellular response that contributes to GvHD (graft versus host disease) and organ rejection. GvHD occurs in 20-30% of patients receiving bone marrow transplants from another person, Kerr said....
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