Test 3 - -Drugs increase the number of dendrites on a...

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Beyond the Pleasure Principle -Going through withdrawal is the easy part -Addiction seems to rely on the same principles as learning and memory -Memory is divided into those we can remember and those that we generally don’t -Once addicted people seek out drugs even if they don’t provide pleasure anymore -Sensitization: Type of non-conscious memory, alters neural circuitry involved in normal processes of incentive, motivation and reward. -Long term use reduces the number of receptors. Rearranges peoples’ motivational priorities -CREB: plays a part in learning -Long term potentation: change in the connection between two cells
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Unformatted text preview: -Drugs increase the number of dendrites on a neuron Addicted to Anti-Depressants-Taking Paxil, SSRIs-25 million prescriptions written for Paxil last year-1 in 20 will develop serious symptoms when drug is discontinued -Can hurt one’s sex drive-Paxil: drug stops as quickly as it starts -Symptoms of withdrawal less frequent in long term studies-Tampering with the dose seems to prevent the symptoms -Many believe they are experiencing “rebound effect”: body temporarily over compensates for the lack of the drug-Prozac is better than Paxil down on me, the express, zombielamd, blindside, switchin lanes...
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Test 3 - -Drugs increase the number of dendrites on a...

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