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Extra credit - dominated the distribution of arms to the...

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Dan Guerra 12/6/10 Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/07/world/07wikileaks-weapons.html?hp Extra Credit One of the major points of this class has been the interdependence between different geographic levels and the relationship between global and local scales. From the entire world down to the neighborhood we live in, the action of individuals can cause a ripple effect onto those around them. One current situation surrounding the relationship of scale is the distribution of arms by the Syria government to militant groups. The Syrian government has claimed that they have stopped sending sophisticated weapons the militant groups including Hezbollah and Hamas. However the recent leaks by the organization Wikileaks shows the US in a struggle to control an arms build up. The US is the largest arms supplier in the world, and along with Russia, has
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Unformatted text preview: dominated the distribution of arms to the developing world, particularly to its allies including Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states. This uneven distribution has drawn fire that is fueling an arms race, however the US has taken the lead in controlling the trafficking of advanced and other weapons to militant groups or adversaries. From this current conflict concerning the illegal distribution of arms by the Syrian government to militant groups, it is clear just how interconnected all parts of the world are. The actions taken by one group, the Syrian government, have effects that cause a ripple effect of sorts. As it distributes the arms to groups such as Hamas, it indirectly causes the US to give more weapons to its allies like Israel....
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