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GEOGRAPHY 171 ASSIGNMENT TWO: THE FUTURE OF URBAN AMERICA Assignment Due12:30 pm Friday, 22 nd October 2010 in the Geography Main Office (Eggers 144) In this section of the course we have been examining how geographers understand the urban. In this assignment we want you to apply some of the insights of geographers to the changing American city. As you know the majority of the world’s population now resides in cities and in the United States over 70 per cent of the population live in urban areas. However, many American cities confront significant challenges and in this assignment we want you to gain a greater understanding of these. From your readings you’ll see that the central city has experienced many changes and increasingly so have the suburbs. As such, in this assignment you must address the following three questions based on the readings below: Why did some cities –especially central cities, decline after 1950, and how was this linked to the location of work? What forces may be leading to a revival of different US cities and their central
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